Finalists of the 6th International photography festival Organ Vida have been chosen

After a three month long open call for submissions on the topic of Reflections, the international jury has chosen the finalists of the 6th International photography festival Organ Vida. With a contemporary, documentary – artistic approach to photography, the Zagreb audience will see works from Alvaro Deprit (Italy), Daesung Lee (France), Mitar Simikić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Antoine Bruy (France), Danila Tkachenko (Russia), Lek Kiatsirikajorn (Thailand), Prasiit Sthapit (Nepal), Giovanni Cocco (Italy), Guy Martin (UK) and Egor Rogalev (Russia).

 Besides the ten finalists, Organ Vida will present five additional, specially commended projects. They are Willie Osterman (ChemoToxic), Alnis Stakle (Shangri-La), Olga Ingurazova (Scars of independence), Myriam Meloni (Behind the absence) and David Brunetti (Dreaming of Syria). Interestingly, a few years ago photographer and professor Willie Osterman was a guest lecturer at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Over 200 projects from 34 countries were submitted to the Organ Vida contest. The contest was held from March 30 to June 8, and most of the applications came from Croatia, followed by the United Kingdom, United States and Italy.

More information about the contest, finalists and jury can be found here.

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