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Photography Organisation Organ Vida founded the award in 2017 in order to emphasize its commitment to the creation of new artworks that enrich our society. Financial support and award are aimed at improving the development of artists and encouragement to their future work.

The Award for Croatian artists for creativity in the medium of photography carries the name of art historian, curator and former director of the Gallery Klovićevi Dvori, Marina Viculin (1957 – 2015) — a person who greatly contributed to the Croatian art scene through her promotion of photography and who changed the social perception and evaluation of photography as a medium.

The Marina Viculin Award  is awarded on the submissions to the open call that is open to individuals or collectives, artists who are expressing themselves in the medium of photography. A new approach to the medium, outstanding talent, innovative photographic language, artistic quality, the relevance of topics, as well as uniqueness of expression are the main criteria that govern the professional international jury in assessing the best work. The Award is to the amount of 25,000 HRK to one author or artistic collective as decided by an international jury for their chosen art project and exhibition presentation during the International Photography Festival Organ Vida.

Within the amount to be awarded as a prize, Organ Vida helps provide a gallery space for the completed work and technical support for performance and set up and print a catalogue. In addition, Organ Vida gives full support to the selected artist in the promotion and distribution of his / her project on the international photography scene.


The Award is designed by OAZA collective.

Marina Viculin (1957 – 2015)

Marina Viculin was born on February 13, 1957, in Zagreb. In 1982 she took a BA in art history and comparative literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. In 1987 she took a master’s at Paris IV – Sorbonne with a dissertation on The Citation in French Painting of the eighties. With Serge Lemoine as her supervisor, she took a doctorate too at Paris IV, her thesis being entitled The Story of the New Tendencies. From 1988 she worked freelance, writing forewords to catalogues and art criticism in the dailies. From 1989 she was permanently employed in the position of curator in Klovićevi dvori Gallery. She authored numerous retrospective exhibitions, only a few of which can be mentioned here: the photographs of Marija Braut, Ivan Posavec, Mio Vesović, Josip Klarica, Nenad Gatti, Ivan Faktor, Petar Dabac as well as smaller shows in Lotrščak Tower
Gallery (Kučera, Merc, Šolić, Rasol, Efendić, Posavec, Vesović, Dabac, Kožarić, Bavoljak, Herceg, Jurjević, Radić…).

With Anne Baldassari, photography curator, she conceived and produced the exhibition Dora Maar and Picasso – Touch with Looks, held in Klovićevi dvori in 2004. In 2007 with Jean-Michel Foray she produced and conceived Marc Chagall – Story of Stories. With Jadran Adamović she put on an exhibition of the art of CEE and the exhibition Intercessory Prayers to St Tryphon – the Treasures of the Diocese of Kotor. She curated the exhibition authored by Radoslav Tomić Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, Great Masters of the Renaissance. She was curator of the exhibitions Edgar Degas – Sculptures and Martin Arnold, the Frozen Embrace. In 2013 she curated Anne Baldassari’s Masterpieces of the Picasso Museum, Paris; after that came a monographic exhibition of Damir Sokić.

In 2014 she received the Order of Chevalier of Arts and Literature of the French Republic, as a mark of recognition of her contribution to artistic collaboration  between France and Croatia. In the same year she organised the exhibition Normandy: Giving Birth to Impressionism.

She was director of Klovićevi dvori Gallery from April 17, 2012, to January 19, 2015.

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