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Frame stories — Markus Henttonen, Iiu Susiraja, Maija Tammi
Exhibition | 4. - 18.9. | 20:00 | Lotrščak Tower


Twisted Tales – Road to Hope

Twisted Tales – Road to Hope is like life, a unique and exciting travel full of joy and sadness, desire and despair, combining the most personal with the things that are common. Memories, dreams and reality mixed together in profound layers. Everything seems so familiar, yet there is something strange in it. The series balances boldly between the thin interface of the real and the imaginary. The storytelling is subtle and suggestive in nature, and the focus lies more on emotions. It is like Henttonen is inviting the viewer to feel and to interpret. The undertone of wistful melancholy is present throughout the series in the landscape and in people’s gestures, but at the same time, there is a distinct feeling of hope in the series. Despite the flashbacks from the past and the unexpected turns, this journey is moving forward. It almost feels like a puzzle that will never really be complete. There will always be something a little out of place, a little bit twisted in it.




Perfect everyday life
Good Behavior

I photograph myself because that is the subject I certainly know best. I make an object out of myself and my privacy, this way creating for it a moment of fame. Turning privacy into something public is a shelter for me. I feel privacy very painfully. When I have spoken about my art, I have mentioned the words: the documentation of emotions. My art is like a playful anarchism with the equipment and rituals of reclaiming power.

Everyday life is my muse.


1 roundish girl

1 piece of everyday life equipment

1 bag full of dry humor


Mix ingredients together while the guests are arriving and put the dough into a refrigerator to ripen.

Finally, you can cut the pastry into pieces suitable for mouth and serve them with frames.




Milky Way

The series is inspired by panspermia, the theory of “seeds of life” expanding and traveling everywhere in the Universe. According to the hypothesis, life on Earth and, therefore, humans originate from these seeds. Likewise, the Sambia people in Papua New Guinea believe that humans are containers through which sexuality flows in the forms of semen (male milk) and breast milk (female milk).

“Men are men when they give male milk to women and to boys; when it ceases to flow, they lose their maleness and become sexually indeterminate. Male and female identity is in the flow, their identity is fluid”, philosopher Alphonso Lingis writes.

Milky Way is a series of photographs of male milk (semen) and female milk (breast milk) shot close up on a living room table. In her series, the author desires to reclaim space, to question the romanticizing of the black void, and to spill milk like the Greek goddess Hera to form the Milky Way.


This exhibition is part of a festival collaboration with Backlight Photo Festival from Tampere, Finland. It is curated by Tuula Alajoki.


Image: ©  Iiu Susiraja — Pussijalat