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Curating photography with Kristin Dittrich
Workshop | 13 — 14.09. | 10:00 | Faculty of Architecture


Strong exhibition making plays an increasing part to mediate the role of image in our time. An substantial exhibition contains different elements of artistic direction, dramaturgy, visual and intellectual managing and communication. The German contemporary photography specialist, Kristin Dittrich, offers a two-day workshop, which includes an extensive input from the curatorial field and a structured and well-reflected methodic plan for the participants.
Kristin’s individual teaching supports Professionals as well Beginners in the Field of Photography Exhibitions Makers. We welcome both students and professionals, art historians, curators, designers, photographers, architects and everybody interested.

Day 1 (2 PM – 5 PM)
Curating is a discipline of creating topics, spaces and a variety of requirements to help perceiving images/photography – sensibly and memorize them by leaving a strong impression. Shifts extensive ‘know how’ on:
— Composition method and dramaturgy of a show
— The strength of spaces
— Combination of subject and themes, analysis of selected displays – zoom in on public relevance
— As well as individual, ‘charged’ presentation with exploring, educational potential as well as an element of elements of inspiration and entertainment

Day 2 (10 AM – 5 PM)
The second part of the workshop is focalizing on:
— Placing art works/photographs
— The cussedness of correct lighting
— From the content to fundraising
— Contract and communication as well as marketing

After completing this extensive methodical section – the attendee will be challenged to create his own display – implementing the acquired know how and creativity to his ‘creative ideas’.


Kristin Dittrich with major of the role of photography in the international art history and Exhibition Management completed her Master at Sorbonne University in Paris. She worked for the founding team of the Paris Photo Fair. Based on this experience she founded the International Photography Festival F/Stop in Leipzig, Germany. In 2014, Dittrich started to bring a new institution to life, the SHIFT school for photography in contemporary art.


Date: 13 — 14.9.2016
Language: English
Fee: 120 EURO

At the end of the workshop, every applicant will get a certificate of attendance.


>>> Exact schedule will be announced after your registration.


Workshop submission deadline: 31st August 2016. 10th September 2016.