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Photograms with Snježana Josipović
Workshop | 17.09. | 10:00 | Croatian School Museum


Send your child to a time machine journey, to the very beginning of photography. With the help of dark room magic you kid will create photographic images without a camera! S/he will dive into the world of long forgotten techniques, swim in the sea of imagination and paint with the light!

Wouldn’t it be nice when you could have your Saturday coffee in peace while your kid is learning new skills? In the time when photography is al around us, Snježana Josipović will take over your kid in morning hours at the Croatian museum for school, and teach them original way of emerging photography. Children will, in the most fun and inspiring way, be motivated to create a photographic picture.

Workshop is one day long and it is focused on creating photograms. Photogram is a photographic image made without using the camera, placing the object directly into a photosensitive material like photo paper (it contains grain of silver sensitive to light). Exposing the photo paper and object on it in controlled conditions; we get a negative shape of the object. Results of this process are shades of the object that differ in tone, depending of transparency of the object placed on the paper.

At the end, time machine will bring them back to present, and they will be able to present their art work, put them in a map and take it home, together with the experiences and knowledge they have gained on this beautiful journey.



Snježana Josipović was born in 1982. in Zagreb. After finishing the School of Applied Arts and Design, Dept. of painting design, she graduated from the Faculty of Textile Technology at the University of Zagreb, Department of Fashion Design. She finished a graphic design computer operator course at the Public Open University Zagreb and a course on analogue photography at the Zagreb Photo & Cinema Association. She has been a photographer since 2006. She participates in the editing of online magazine for art and photography Neo Collective, based in Germany. Her work has been published in online and print magazines and exhibited at various exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. She has held a number of creative workshops and activities for children at the Suncokret association — OLJIN, and has volunteered at the ‘Little school of architecture’ workshops organized by the Zagreb Society of Architects and the OPA association.



Price: 7 euros
Number of attendees: 10,  7—12 years old
Dates: 17 .9.2016, 10 am — 1 pm
Location: Hrvatski školski muzej
Language: Croatian and English


Workshop submission deadline: 15. September 2016.