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5 questions for Kristin Dittrich

We asked Kristin Dittrich, founder of the international festival for photography F/Stop in Leipzig, 5 questions to get to know her even better. Kristin will hold a three-day workshop Curating Photography at this year’s Organ Vida festival edition. You can apply HERE!


Which photographers have influenced your interest in photography?  
Arnaud Maggs from Canada, Robert Frank from Switzerland, and Wolfgang Tillmans from Germany.

What is the last exhibition that surprised you? Why?
Simon Baker from the Tate Modern in London is a clever, sharp-thinking curator of these days for me. His Show “Conflict, Time Photography”, realized in 2014 in London, left deep traces in my mind. And also all John Szarkowski’s shows always surprised me . They were inovative, touching and exciting. That was in the ‘70s. Since that time we have lived  in quite a big silence about strong storytelling in between different artworks from different artists summarized in strong theme shows.

Do you have a gallery/museum-going routine?
The Fotomuseum Winterthur in Switzerland. Every third week of January, the museum organizes a gathering of new talents in the international field of photography.

Do you think being a curator has become more difficult than it used to be?
I see the curator as the dramaturge for a piece in a theater. We are raising questions, we are opening discussions about existential themes,  we are creating statements. This is the art that we do. Our material is great and intelligent artwork.

Describe a typical day in your life.
Everday I live and work 100% with photography and image context. I established a new art school for visual image education for adults called Shift School in Dresden, Germany. This month I’m preparing the opening of the first Steidl Libary in Europe at my school, and I am going to finish my book about curating photography and methods of strong exhibition making, in which I am a specialist. Lately, I have finished a research about portrait and dignity.


Photo: Friedrich Preuß, F/STOP 2010