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5 questions for Snježana Josipović

We asked Snjezana Josipovic 5 short questions. Her work has been published and exhibited in Croatia and abroad and she also participates in the editing of online magazine for art and photography Neo Collective. Don’t forget to check what is offered at her workshop Photograms and apply on time HERE!


What do you want the viewers to take away from your work?
Warmth,a new perspective, love.
Which photographers influenced your interest in photography?
They were in fact my friends with whom I started that life chapter. Now they are famous photographers, such as Rinko Kawauchi, Daisuke Yokota…
What are your thoughts on working on single images versus projects?
It’s hard for me to compare the two, since I’ve never worked on a project. I believe it is an interesting and intense experience. Nevertheless, at the moment I prefer more spontaneous photographs, which reflect my everyday life.
How would you explain what contemporary photography is?
It’s a more positive variant of investigating the media and the notion of aesthetics, and it serves to alter perspectives…
What do you desire to achieve through photography?
The way I communicate through photography consists of a lot more dimensions than just the verbal one. Photography is a more intimate, and for me a simpler way of expressing myself. But photography also alters the way in which I perceive the world. In fact, I would like for it all to become deeper, more intense, but also more visually “articulate”.