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Architecture photography workshop with Domagoj Blažević at Westin Hotel

Organized by the photography association Organ Vida, a photography workshop led by Domagoj Blažević titled Hotels will be held from 15 – 18 June 2015 in Zagreb. This four-day workshop will give participants an insight into the theoretical, practical and aesthetic aspects of visual architectural research.

The workshop will take place at the premises of the Westin Hotel, which will open the doors to its most beautiful rooms and halls specifically for this occasion. Lectures will be held at the conference center and practical work will take place in the hotel rooms and on the top floor of the Westin Hotel. Every participant will have the opportunity to photograph independently and an exhibition of the photographs will be organized at the Westin Hotel at the end of the workshop.

The workshop leader, Domagoj Blažević, explains how the program is conceptualized and what will be in focus:

“Space is a trigger for emotions and space keeps the trace of emotions. The workshop focuses on the idea of taming space. Which elements of ambient and existence in a space make an anonymous or unknown space intimate and conquered? What are the technical and conceptual tools which a photographer uses to meet and conquer spaces in which he has never been before? What are the reasons that we often feel so good at a hotel, a place where every new morning a space which we marked with our rituals resets to an anonymous beginning through cleaning and ironing of sheets? We will address the creation of photo-narratives, series of photographs, forms of photo mosaics in which series of tracks/intrigues encourage the process of feeling/conquering space. We will use existing forms of being in space, as well as our own interventions into it, the usage of figure and man as measure of space. We will conquer various spaces of the hotel in order to create a complex range of emotions and technical/light challenges. A couple of scenarios will be suggested according to which the work tasks will be defined: a group of participants will decide how they want to describe spaces, for example – how to look at the hotel space from the perspective of an agoraphobic person, a newlywed couple or a nomad who is here only for a night on the way to another city.”  

The workshop will last for four days, four hours per day and the exact time will be arranged with the workshop leader. The first day of the workshop the participants will participate in an introductory lecture and visit the hotel premises and rooms. During the next two days the participants will take photographs of the premises after which there will be a discussion, presentation and critique of the material in order to prepare everything for the final photograph exhibition during the last day of the workshop.

The number of participants is limited to 10 persons, and the deadline for applications is June 10, 2015. Notifications of participation will be sent to the selected candidates by June 11, 2015. Participation at the workshop is confirmed through the payment of the registration fee, for which the candidates will receive further information.

Registration for the workshop includes a biography (150-200 words), photographs from your personal portfolio (5-10 images, .jpeg, 1000px longer side)  and a motivation letter (200-300) outlining the motives for application and expectations from the workshop. All documents should be sent in PDF format via e-mail: info@organvida.com.
The participation fee is 300 HRK/40 EUR.

It is recommended that the participants own a digital SLR camera and a personal computer in order to edit the photographs. It is also preferred, but not required, that the participants use two lenses  – 50 mm and 28 mm (35mm and 18mm on APS-C sensors) and that they have a tripod.


About the workshop leader:

Domagoj Blažević graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. He has worked for many years as a photographer in daily and weekly newspapers, as well as a freelance photographer, mainly of architecture, collaborating with architectural offices and magazines. From 2010 to 2013, he lived and worked on the relation Zagreb – New York, working on architectural photography projects.

He is currently working on projects which extend from architecture and visual identities for companies to site-specific events or collaborations aimed at realization of artistic concepts.

More about the author: http://domagojblazevic.com/


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