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Borko Vukosav at FORMAT 2017 Festival

The Croatian photographer Borko Vukosav’s project „Used to be“ is exhibited at the prestigious photography festival FORMAT in Derby, which opened on March 23rd. The festival will explore the theme of HABITAT through varied narratives and imagery that document the worlds around us. Vukosav was selected among more than 1200 entries from around the World. The exhibition will last from March 24th until April 23rd.


Borko Vukosav, Nekad bilo 2

© Borko Vukosav, Used to be


To quote Borko Vukosav: „I was born in one country which has two alphabets, three languages, four religions, five nationalities, six republics, surrounded by seven neighbors, a country which doesn’t exist anymore. (…) In this series of photographs I’m documenting the existent / remaining (still visible and physically present) symbols of the once glorified concept – Yugoslavia. Although we as a society / collective try to suppress memories and recollections of SFRY, it still undoubtedly continues to shape the cultural, historical and socio-political paradigm of the contemporary Balkan countries.“ After the exhibition at FORMAT, „Used to be“ will be exhibited at the festival Backlight in Finland.


Borko Vukosav, Nekad bilo 3

© Borko Vukosav, Used to be


Borko Vukosav, Nekad bilo 4

© Borko Vukosav, Used to be


FORMAT festival is a biennial photography festival held in Derby, UK. It is one of the UK’s leading international contemporary festivals of photography and related media. This year, at its 8th edition, it will host more than 200 international photographers at more than 30 exhibitions and other related events.


Cover photo: © Borko Vukosav, Used to be