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Chobi Mela IX begins in Bangladesh

The 9th edition of Chobi Mela, the international photography festival, begins on 3 February 2017, in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Chobi Mela is the first photography festival in Asia initiated in 2000.

The festival lasts for two weeks, from 3 February to 16 February, and includes more than 30 exhibitions featuring artists from 16 countries, from Algeria and Belgium to Germany and India.

The theme of this year’s festival is “transition.” Transition that stretches artists to the limits of their potential, a new way of seeing, a new language that will help them to interpret the world around us. By challenging artists to find the magic that will take photography to new heights, the festival organizers invite them to make a transition in their own work in order to visualise a changing world.

Still, transition refers to not only the content, but form as well. The organizers are calling for transition in the medium of photography itself, wondering about the ways and meanings of its use and the direction in which the medium is headed.

In addition to the exhibitions, the festival will include artist talks, portfolio reviews, panel discussions, presentations and a number of photography workshops.


You can find the programme here.