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Exhibition “Editing Objects” by Peter Rauch

You are kindly invited to attend the opening of the “Editing Objects” by Ljubljana-based photographer and artist Peter Rauch who showcases, in a new arrangment, different sections of the recent body of his work.

In a highly distinctive manner Peter Rauch focuses on marginal but still very ordinary places and scenes of everyday life. In his long-term conceptual exploration of objects through photography, installation and theory he is attracted by the visual sensation of man-made structures and traces of human presence in nature. Despite their ordinariness (or because of it) his motifs are often marked by a sense of anxiety and alienation. However, the artist does not wish to articulate these photographs, the result of planned spatial interventions of fortuitously recorded situations, in narrative, rather consigns them to the ambiguity of visual language.

Peter Rauch (1978) is an architect, photographer and PhD candidate in philosophy and theoretical psychoanalysis. He works as an independent artist and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and at the Higher School of Applied Sciences in Ljubljana.

The exhibition will be on display until March 8th 2017 at Culture Center Novi Zagreb.


Photo: © Peter Rauch

Source: Centar za kulturu Novi Zagreb