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Finalists selected for the main festival exhibition Revelations

20 authors have been selected out of more than 400 submissions from 58 countries

In this year’s festival theme Revelations, motivated by the assumption that viewers have a right to be informed about topics of public importance, we want to explore the way in which authors use photography as a medium through which they face the unknown, unrecorded and unspoken transformational and everyday experiences, their own destinies and destinies of other people, social and personal fights or life realisations. The contest on the theme Revelations lasted a little over a month, and during that period we received more than 400 submissions of Croatian and international photography projects from as many as 58 countries from all inhabited continents. We received the most submissions from the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Croatia and the United States.

At the Festival’s main exhibition in September at the French Pavilion, the following authors will present their projects: Kirill Golovchenko (Germany), Gidon Levin (Israel), Maria Sturm and Cemre Yeşil  (Germany/Turkey), Andrea and Magda (Italy/France), Anne Müchler and Nico Schmitz (Germany), Mario Brand (Germany), Qian Zhao (China), M. Scott Brauer (USA), Michal Siarek (Poland), and Pierre Liebaert (Belgium).

The finalists were selected by a jury composed of renowned names of Croatian and international photography, who will visit Zagreb in September: Louise Clements (UK), Lea Vene (Croatia), Simon Norfolk (UK), Phillip Toledano (USA), Donald Weber (Canada), and Gillian Wearing (UK).

This year’s selection of projects is versatile. Although most projects are exploratory works which use a documentary-conceptual approach, the final selection reflects various ways of contemplating the notion of revelations by exploring different subject matters and using different approaches.

Along with the ten finalists, Organ Vida will present at night screenings in front of the French Pavilion ten additional, especially commended projects of the following authors: Rossella Castello (Italy), Heiko Tiemann (Germany), Matthew Broadhead (UK), Louis De Belle (Italy), Tito Mouraz (Portugal), Olga Ingurazova (Russia), Antonio Faccilongo (Italy), Sheng-Wen Lo (Taiwan), Andrea Foligni (Italy), and Lukas Birk (Austria).

In September, the Festival will become the meeting point of international artists and experts in photography, who will be presented in the programme through lectures, presentations, panels, workshops, and discussions on exhibitions. Other events include book presentations and signings, portfolio overviews, as well as accompanying film and music programs. The programme of the Festival will take place at a dozen locations in Zagreb. The exhibition of works of the selected finalists will be held at the French Pavilion, and the rest of the exhibitions at the Kranjčar gallery and the Greta gallery, the Croatian Museum of Architecture, Dokukino KIC, the Oris House of Architecture, and many others. Main festival partner is Culture of Change SC. The festival is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the City Office for Education, Culture and Sports of the city of Zagreb and Zagreb Tourist Board.

A more detailed programme of this year’s Festival will be published during the second half of July.

We would like to thank all the authors for applying and congratulate selected authors!


Organ Vida Team