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Harvard Is Putting Its Photography Classes Online For Free

Following in the footsteps of Stanford University, Harvard has announced that they are going to make their photography classes available for free online. The prestigious university has uploaded the program to their online platform Alison.

Becoming a student at Harvard – it’s not a bad way to kick off 2017.

There are twelve modules, with a 13th module that is a final evaluation that you have to take to complete the course.

The program is mainly composed of the basics of digital photography, including classes on retouching software, how to use a digital camera, reading histograms, the importance of light, color, exhibition techniques and a brief history of photography.

No need to sign up or pay enrollment fees, you can follow along for free.


Article by Donnia Ghezlane-Lala, source: http://www.konbini.com/us/inspiration/harvard-photography-classes-online-for-free/

Photo: Faustin Tuyambaze