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LMU-ALU Collaboration – “Posljednja koju smo imali nedavno” The last one we had recently

The exhibition “Posljednja koju smo imali nedavnois the result of collaboration between the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb and the London Metropolitan University.

The exhibition opens on 9.5. 2013. at 20h.

While exploring space we took photographs with a focus on light, reflections and space as a scenography. We moved and installed mirrors – objects found in space in the gallery as a representation of spatial history, our encounter with space and its new time reflections in the gallery. A video, projected on mirrors, opens a new stage for viewers. We produce misunderstanding through translation – we produce mistakes through misunderstanding – through mistakes we create free overlap natural video maps Kraljević nerves tree become mind extension body skin interaction object water water sound water path dialogue water water water connection the witness of space is the one exhibited, and emptiness is witnessed along with the exhibited.
The observer can only watch.

It began with my arrival in London. Will took me for a walk from Whitechapel to Camberwel; passing by Heygate Estate provoked a series of visual notes. When I came to Zagreb, Bojan took me to several sites related to recent gentrification processes in the eastern part of the city, and we decided for a visual, site/time specific mapping of space in the gallery.
communication without communication. Entities that perhaps refer to the translation of the concept of communication. When we talk we restrict our worlds.

Francesco Benenato, Hrvoslava Brkušić, Lucija Bužančić, Min Cawthorne, Raquel Chinchetru, Vitar Drinković, Luana Lojić, Bojan Muck,o Will Peck, Michael Robertson, Simone Steenberg, Darius Verbickas, Damir Žižić

The exhibition is supported by: City of Zagreb, Croatian Ministry of Culture, Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, London Metropolitan University and Erasmus program