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Marko Ercegović exhibition at Galerija KAJ

At the Galerija Kaj, Ilica 34,  from May 11 till  June 1,  photographer Marko Ercegović will present his series of photographs “Vacancy” – taken between 2008. and 2012.

MARKO ERCEGOVIĆ is the representative of a younger generation of photographers. He was born in 1975. in Dubrovnik. Graduated at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.  Works in the medium of video and photography. Lives in Dubrovnik and Zagreb. In his everyday environment Ercegović finds seemingly atypical spaces for taking photographs in which he explores his personal relationship to the photographed scenes. The aforementioned series of photographs deals with the same explorations.

From the catalogue foreword author SANDRA KRIŽIĆ ROBAN:

“Ercegović tries to achieve an impression that the image is cut from another ‘document’  in many of his images, focusing on selected places and their characteristics which can’t be perceived from another angle.  The rhythm of shadows and the occasional expected light, like the greenish one that permeates through the vertical curtain slits in an office on the ground floor, or the supernatural orange one which stops at the border of the underground passage and stairs, on which the grayness of everyday life prevails, completely occupy the middle plans of the photographs. (…)”

Vacancies are metaphors of possibilities that can’t be attained, because a fence prevents us, because the late afternoon sun is too strong, because the offing in the distance is too dark-blue and it’s time to leave. In the shadowed gaps of hallways and somewhat intimidating reflections that an illuminated tree leaves on the building façade, we can’t come across a chance for stories. There is no talk about space behind, beside or in front of, no place for narratives, like it seemed at first glance. We’re aware of the speed of events happening that allowed liberation for many, while we remain subordinated to the laws of light which illuminates space and time. Thanks to him, we are able to perceive duration as maybe the only concrete guideline of Ercegović’s  “Vacancy”.