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Open call for participation on the educative and discursive program of the 8th Organ

The eight International Photography Festival Organ Vida gathers the young photographic scene, internationally acclaimed experts and critics of contemporary photography with the goal to promote contemporary photographic practices and art in general. Aside from the exhibitions, the Festival offers a rich discursive and educative program, and the call is still open to all who are interested to apply and participate in it.

Call for workshops of Organ Vida is still open

The call for participants of the educative program of the Organ Vida Festival is still open, and this year’s workshops, during which individual portfolio reviews will be provided to the attendants, will be held by Kristin Dittrich, Donald Weber, Erik Vroons. Alixandra Fazzina, Olja Triaška Stefanovič, Juraj Blaško and Snježana Josipović.

On Donald Weber’s Risky Business (Not Really): The Economics of Storytelling workshop the participants will focus on finding their own clarity of vision through the process of writing, which will enable them to shape the stories they want to tell. It will be held on the 15th and 16th of September at Oris – House of Architecture, the language on which it will be held is English, and the applications are still open: http://organvida.com/events/donaldweber-2/

How to Make a Photo Zine will be taught by Olja Triaško Stefanovič and Juraj Blašk, lecturers at the Academy of Art and Design in Bratislava (http://organvida.com/events/how-to-make-a-photo-zine-with-olja-triaska-stefanovic-and-juraj-blasko/). A unique workshop for children aged 7 to 12 Photograms with Snježana Josipović will focus on the creation of photographic images without a camera, and will be held in the Croatian School Museum (http://organvida.com/events/photograms2016/)


The discursive program of Organ Vida

The young photographic scene will not only have a chance to introduce themselves on the Revelations exhibition, but also on the Open Show Zagreb and Portfolio Review. The portfolios will be examined by Louise Clements, the art director of the FORMAT Festival, Natasha Christia, the director of the DocField Festival, Kristin Dittrich, the founder of the F/Stop Festivala and the SHIFT school of photography, Sandra Vitaljić, the professor of photography at the Academy of Dramatic Arts Zagreb and Erik Vroons, editor-at-large for both GUP Magazine and Newdawn Paper. These five experts will vote for the best portfolio, and the winner’s work will be exhibited on the Organ Vida Festival 2017. (http://organvida.com/events/portfolio-review-2016/)

Open Show Zagreb, an international platform for presenting photographic and multimedia works, is traditionally the most visited happening of every edition of the Organ Vida Festival up to date. The Open Show concept is founded on the idea of interaction between the photographers and the public, where the artists and their work are presented through conversation and open discussion during short presentations. (http://organvida.com/events/open-show-zagreb-2016/)

Aside from Open Show Zagreb, the discursive program of this year’s Organ Vida is composed of numerous discussion panels on the topic of photography, including presentations of artists (Artist talks) and books, lectures held by artists, and panels, which will mostly take place at the Festival’s headquarters in the Zagreb Dance Centre.

The Revelations panel, which will be held on the 17th of September at 17:30 in the Zagreb Dance Centre, will elaborate the main theme of this year’s festival and through conversations between the finalists and guests it will touch on topics such as experiences from field work, approaches to subjects with whom they worked with and reflections about the relationships they developed through their investigations. The participants of the panel are this year’s finalists Pierre Liebaert, Gidon Levin, Michal Siarek, Cemre Yeşil, Anne Muchler and Nico Schmitz, Mario Brand, M. Scott Brauer and the jury member Phillip Toledano.


Discussion panel with the photographers – participants of the festival

The discussion panel related to the exhibition Lessons from ’91 will be held on the 17th of September at 17h, the moderator of the panel will be Sandra Vitaljić, the curator of the exhibition of the same name that is being held in the Zvonimir Gallery. It will examine the role of the photographer as a neutral witness in the situation in which he can document the war from only one side, his “own”. The photographers who will share their experience are: Imre Szabo, Željko Sinobad, Nebojša Radosavljević Raus, Saša Kralj, Hrvoje Polan and Tom Dubravec.

On the Curating photography panel there will be talk about the experience of curating in terms of photography festivals and galleries, about relevant topics the interlocutors dealt with as curators through the organization of their own photography exhibitions, about the intermedia approach to curating photography, the mediation of curatorial projects, and the specific cultural contexts of the individual curatorial practice. The panel will be led by Kristin Dittrich, Natasha Christia i Sandra Križić Roban.


An exclusive conversation with Phillip Toledano

As part of the Festival, talks will be organized with artists Nikola Zelmanović (Here and Now, 17.9. at 16:00, Šira Gallery), Ziyah Gafić (Paradise Lost, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 16.9. at 16:00, Zagreb Dance Centre) and Dragana Jurišić (YU: The Lost Country, 15.9. at 16:30, Zagreb Dance Centre). As the Festival’s special we present to you the talk with Phillip Toledano (Maybe, 15.9. at 20:00h, Kranjčar Gallery). His project Maybe is an answer to his mother’s unexpected death in 2006. Becoming acutely aware of the unpredictability of life, he decided to face his fear of death and ageing through this project by creating photographs of his “future me”. After taking a DNA test which assessed what illnesses he is predisposed to, he physically recreated his future self by using makeup and prosthetics.