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POPCAP – Prize for contemporary African photography

dillon marsh 13

Dillon Marsh, Landmarks

POPCAP, a prize for contemporary African photography is awarded to photographic portfolios that are either produced in an African country or deal with a diaspora of an African country. The aims are to raise the profile of African photography in the arts, and provide more publicity for artists engaging with the African continent. The internationally-sourced panel of judges enables the promotion of African photography worldwide and helps to avoid geographically and culturally one-sided views of the portfolios. POPCAP also aims to cooperate with international exhibition partners in order to foster exchanges between the various initiatives.

Submissions to POPCAP are judged by a panel of 26 internationally-sourced judges, with the winning entries exhibited internationally at a series of publicly accessible exhibitions. The prize was awarded for the first time in 2012, with five winners chosen from 140 submissions by a panel of nine internationally-sourced judges. In 2013 POPCAP received 360 submissions from 57 countries that were judged by 14 judges.

During POPCAP public events will take place alongside the POPCAP exhibitions, in order to foster discourse regarding African photography. The objective is to heighten awareness of African photography and to promote global exchange between north and south and east and west.

All entries must be submitted via the website no later than 11.59pm EST (Zurich time) on Tuesday July 1 2014.