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„Prague“ by Stanko Abadžić exhibited at Lauba

Stanko Abadžić’s photos often seem as if they were not ahead, but far behind their time. They exude an incredible air of equanimity, melancholy and antique charm which can easily deceive and captivate us.

Empty chairs on spacious squares that are streaked with shadows, and the occasional passerby… This description could fit Abadažić’s series of photographs from Prague which can be seen tonight at Lauba. Besides the exhibition, at 19h Abadžić will present his new photo monograph „Prague“.

Prague coffeehouses were famous places where numerous intellectuals and artists gathered, including Abadžić. Even though he came to Prague as an anonymous, he left as an artist with a recognizable style and numerous exhibitions behind him.


S. Abadžić from the “Prague” series

The exhibition will be open till March 26.