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The jury has selected the artists who will present themselves at the 9th edition of the OV Festival in September in Zagreb

Zagreb, 13/06/2017
After the open call on the theme ‘New Citizens‘, which lasted more than two months, the international jury, composed of Pieter Hugo, Dana Lixenberg, Christina de Middel, Katrin Koenning, Sean O’ Hagan and Leila Topić, has selected the 10 finalists of the 9th International Photography Festival Organ Vida, among more than 300 local and international photography projects from 30 countries of the world.
Among 300 submitted photography projects from the countries of all 7 continents, the 10 finalists have been selected, who will present themselves at the main exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
The finalists of the 9th edition of the Organ Vida festival are: Miia Autio (Finland), John Feely (Australia), Daniel Castro Garcia (UK), Nick Hannes (Belgium), Ingvar Kenne (Australia), Annalisa Natali Murri (Italy), Drew Nikonowicz (USA), Sarah Pabst (Argentina), Alexandra Polina (Germany), and Hannes Wiedemann (Germany).
Along with the works of the 10 finalists, the festival Organ Vida will present, in the form of screenings at the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art on the opening day and during the exhibition, 10 additional, especially commended author projects.
The commended authors are: Alana Holmberg (Australia), Tanya Houghton (UK), Maria Kapajeva (UK), Amélie Landry (Belgium), Camille Lévêque (France), Raffaele Petralla (Italy), Pablo Ernesto Piovano (Argentina), Christopher Sims (USA), Bronia Stewart (UK), and Pavel Volkov (Russia).
“The contemporary art aspires to come back into society and everyday life by wanting to become one of the participants of positive social changes. That way artists and artist collectives choose and problematize the burning issues and urgent situations that bother both individuals as well as the society as a whole. Sustainable development, climate changes, disintegration of traditional values, treating the Other and the different in a certain way… All mentioned subjects are part of the definition of the term ‘active citizen’, a participant of an open society, which, as a consequence, means that in order to understand the contemporary artistic production, one must first accept the idea of the active citizen as somebody who is curious and wants changes for the better. How the desire to disturb the current unsettling world order looks through the lens of the camera, we will find out thanks to this year’s theme of the Organ Vida festival, which represents the pluralism of views on the definition of the “new” and active citizen”, revealed Leila Topić, the curator of the exhibition and a member of the jury which selected the finalists.
The grand opening of the exhibition will be on Wednesday, September 6, 2017, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, from 7 to 9 pm. The opening will be preceded by the artist talk with the renowned photographer Pieter Hugo, whose works you will be able to see at the Museum of Contemporary Art. After 9 pm at the roof of the Museum there will be screenings of the works of the especially commended authors of the open call, as well as the opening party.
Congratulations to the selected artists!
OV Team