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The winners and commended authors of the OV7 Boundaries open call have been chosen

For this 7th edition, the artistic direction of Organ Vida has received 350 applications from 47 different countries.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for submitting their project to this year’s Organ Vida open call on the theme of Boundaries. The results are as diverse as they were surprising and our jury team has enjoyed reviewing each and every one of them.


After closing the almost two month long open call for submissions, our international jury consisting of the following members: Roger Ballen, Simon BainbridgeMichael FamighettiRob Hornstra, Alessandro ImbriacoHannah Starkey and Sandra Vitaljić selected 10 projects which will be presented at the 7th International Festival of photography Organ Vida at Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, and an additional 5 projects which will be included in the festival catalog.

After much discussion, our jury has finally reached a decision.





Michel Le Belhomme  — The Two Labyrinths

► Arnau Bach — Suburbia

► Myriam Meloni — Limbo

► Daesung Lee — Futuristic archaeology

► Aras Goekten — Arkanum

► Anton Polyakov — Transnistria Conglomerate

► Lana Mesić — Anatomy of forgiveness

► Tommaso Tanini — H. said he loved us

► Paolo Ciregia — U Okraina

► Alnis Stakle — Theory of R





​commended projects

Jean-Christophe Guillaume  —  Border Line

► Emile Ducke — Transnistria – On the left side of the river

► Emanuele Occhipinti  — The flowers of Kosmet

► Andrejs Strokins — People in the dunes

Olivier Lovey — Lightning Power (2011-2014)


Congratulations to all, and please be welcome to apply  to Organ Vida Call again next year.


► The 7th edition of Organ Vida will be held from September 3rd to 18th at the Gallery Klovicevi dvori in Zagreb. We are inviting you to visit the festival during the opening week, from 3 to 12 of September. We will publish the full program schedule on July 20.

We sincerely hope to meet you in Zagreb for the 7th edition of the Festival !
► You can follow all important information concerning the preparation of the Festival on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OrganVida

Organ Vida team