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Vlado Martek – External borders of photography



Monday, November 7 at 7 p.m.

Spot Gallery, Office for Photography, Čanićeva 6


Photography as a material, as an object, a fetish; a family photography. Photography as an action, photography as a fetish and object at the same time. Photography as a background, an assemblage, a collage; photography as a medium, staged photography, photography as an actual portrait; photography as a document. Photography as a medium, photographs of conceptual changes. Preparing for photography. A cut through photography to reach some other reality, to break automation. Photography as a paper implying materiality, surface, fetish, medium, document.


The exhibition is open until December 2nd 2016.


* analog and digital photography, various techniques and materials


Opening hours:

Mon – Fri

4PM – 8PM

*Or by appointment.