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8th International Photography Festival — Revelations

Date: 13th — 24th September 2016

tions: French pavilion, Gallery Šira, Gallery Kranjčar, Gallery Greta, Gallery Zvonimir, Oris House of Arhitecture, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb Dance Center, Caffe bar/Galerija Botaničar, Cinema Dokukino KIC, Art Park, Gallery Pikto, Faculty of Arhitecture, Croatian School Museum, Sherry’s Wines & Bites, Club Peper, The Croatian Museum of Architecture, Hostel Bureau, Hotel Westin

Theme: Revelations

Jury: Louise Clements, Lea Vene, Simon Norfolk, Phillip Toledano, Donald Weber, and Gillian Wearing



Works of the finalists gallery:


Gidon Levin:


 Andrea and Magda:


M. Scott Brauer:


Maria Strum and Cemre Yesil:


Pierre Liebaert:


Kiril Golovchenko:


Qian Zhao:


Mario Brand:


Anne Muchler and Nico Schmitz:




Especially commended projects gallery:


Rossella Castello:


 Heiko Tiemann:


Matthew Broadhead:


Louis De Belle:


Tito Mouraz:


Olga Ingurazova:


Antonio Faccilongo:


Sheng-Wen Lo:


Andrea Foligni:


Lukas Birk:






[DAY 0] ORGAN VIDA ‡ What’s This Book? ‡ Greta Gallery Opening

We did an opening of What’s this book exhibition, curated by Natasha Christia. WHAT’S THIS BOOK? is a selection of some of the most relevant photobooks published from 2014 to 2016. Eclectic at heart, the exhibition displayed a series of twenty photobooks.



[DAY 1] ORGAN VIDA ‡ Revelations ‡ French pavilion Opening

We had an amazing time at the opening of the main event of our festival, “Revelations” at the Francuski paviljon. The exhibition reflected various ways of contemplating the notion of revelations. The work by our ten finalists was exhibited inside the pavilion, while outside you had the unique oportunity of viewing the screnings of especially commended projects.




[DAY 2] ORGAN VIDA ‡ Revelations ‡ Gallery Zvonimir, HAZU

It was a busy and eclectic day filled with workshops while the evening opened with two incredible exhibitions; “Lessons from ’91” at Gallery Zvonimir and “Past is Now” at HAZU.



[DAY 3] ORGAN VIDA ‡ Revelations

On day three we did an opening of the exhibition Maybe by Phil Toledano in Galerija Kranjčar. Also, we had artists talks by Dragana Jurisic, Pierre Liebaert and finalists of this year’s Revelations in Zagrebački plesni centar (Zagreb dance center) while Maria Sturm & Cemre Yeşil, Lukas Birk had their books presented. We walked through Šira Gallery where Nikola Zelmanovic exhibited his Here and Now project. Last but not least, on Faculty of Architecture Olja Triaška Stefanović did a workshop How to Make a Photo Zine.



[DAY 4] ORGAN VIDA ‡ Revelations

PIKTO Gallery was our first stop. A world-traveling exhibition 1%: Privilege in a Time of Global Inequality explores the theme of wealth inequality. After that we went over to ORIS Kuća arhitekture / House of Architecture to see 52 books exhibited as part of Fotobookfestival Kassel . Friday afternoon was reserved for photography talks by Olja Triaška and Rossella Castello in beautiful Botaničar caffe bar while Erik Vroons, Kristin Dittrich and Donald Weber did their talks in Zagrebački plesni centar (Zagreb dance center).



[DAY 5] ORGAN VIDA ‡ Revelations

On day five we had a rich programme filled with photography talks by our dear guests: Nikola Zelmanovic, Natasha Christia, Louise Clements, Matthew Broadhead and Scott Brauer. In Sira Gallery we did portfolio assessments followed by our experts after which we had a great time on our Organ Vida ‡ Open Show 2016. at the rooftop of Zagrebački plesni centar (Zagreb dance center).




[DAY 6] ORGAN VIDA ‡ Revelations

In order to get some rest, on the last day we went to a countryside resort Slavagora in Samobor, and spent the day in good company with our wonderful guests.